AiDDISON: The first artificially intelligent health performance trainer.

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To clearly define the health ecosystem and engage it digitally. Perception, action and behavior drive health outcomes. We believe those outcomes can be positive if we simply raise our AQ. AQ is a measure of health performance.

Digital health applications have yet to elicit long-term behavioral change. AQ Digital health will drive that change. Our interactive digital platform will be augmented by bio-intelligence reporting, smart devices, and IoT. A systems change propelled by Big Data and Deep Learning will illuminate how users engage their health and why institutions should support it.

JOIN THE AQ MOVEMENT. Help us disrupt static and non-actionable information currently deployed by technology companies. Antiquated thinking and a fractured delivery system will be replaced by insightful and customized data. At AQ Digital Health we look at people holistically and create tools that account for our mental, emotional and physical health.



The first artificially intelligent health performance application.

Current digital health applications do not take into account the entire ecosystem of health variables

Health Variables