AiDDISON: The first artificially intelligent health performance trainer.

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At AQ Digital Health Institute it is our mission to create applications that augment the preventive healthcare space. At some point in our lives we are all affected by one or multiple issues revolving around weight gain, autoimmune disorders, stress, depression or physical pain. There is currently no ubiquitous to solution to solving the aforementioned problems and origin. AiDDISON will be the first artificially intelligent health performance application ever made solely created to look at users holistically and provide solutions. At AiDDISON’s core is the unique ability to take data and bring it to life in actionable way through a proprietary algorithm. AiDDISON has the ability to measure, analyze, gather, customize, predict and repeat outcomes around an individual user. AiDDISON will also utilize a state of the art user experience that will communicate granular information in a seamless manner. We look forward to sharing more information about AiDDISON and its development in the second quarter of 2018.